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What a change..especially you Thred.

Oh shut up I was a stupid kid back then, pfffft..


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Therd: *gives the dreamy smile and happy sigh* >3<


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Therd: O-Oh my ./////.;;;….

Raymond: aww~ <333

Thred: ew .-.;;

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Bring in some asks. I can’t promise to do a lot of drawn responses or be there 24/7, buuut i’ll do my best to bring in some plots, stories, flashbacks(some i’ll do in fics!) for you guys to read over to learn ‘bout these guys more. hope you enjoy it, and some critique will help me improve :)






Pretty much why Brutal Honesty doesn’t have many friends. And There are times we have to let go of certain people, not because we don’t care, but because they don’t.

damn this is getting many notes o.o;;;;;

well, thanks for the sharing you brought here no matter for or against. Also, just sharing a little something here as I keep looking at this. Realizing both from both sides, the anger is masking fear. From the anonymous figure, she/he actually is screaming for help but reacts in this way because probably clueless how to act.

The girl which is me and can be any one of you who is in  my situation, my fuse does blow in that scale where I can’t take it anymore, however I am actually really scared of the thought of the person losing him/herself.

and lastly, it all depends on your judgement and patience. If you really had enough of that friend(maybe too much for you), or you’re willing enough to keep hanging on. 


(( ooc: Finally the refs are finished!! gonna upload one by one~ X3 guys i’m pretty proud how these turn out. As i said, bio is gonna be brief, you’ll learn of these boys along the way ;) ))

Larger Size [x]

Name: Therd Kirkstone

Age: 26

Height: 6’

Personality: Jolly, optimistic, easy-going, nature lover, open-minded, spiritual, loving, can get anxiety breakdowns, fashionable, and a pushover.


Larger Size [x]

Name: Raymond Kirkstone

Age: 28

Height: 6’9”

Personality: Mature, however can be very playful and fun,(especially with Therd), humorous, a little of an introvert, analytic, spiritual, and open-minded 


Larger Size [x]

Name: Thred Kirkstone

Age: 26

Height: 6’5”

Personality: pretty emotionless half the time, flirtatious, perverted, a dare-devil, narrow-minded, very stubborn, and short tempered

Robin Williams R.I.P

A man. a beautiful man. whom was a part of my childhood.
A man who had touched so many hearts of people of all ages,
especially children. A man of selflessness with a huge young heart.
A man who is just the happiest human being I’ve ever seen.


And he’s gone. Just like that. Seriously?
*sobbing like crazy*…he’s too young..too young………..
We’ve always loved you, sir. My family always have. The world
Thank you for the laughter, the morality, your compassion. Everything.


(( ooc: Rebooting is still gonna take some work in progress until tomorrow maybe however i’ll get things done and development starting as soon as possible! :) Yes, Therd and Thred still seem the same but there are gonna traits adding on as they begin their journey, along with their eldest brother; Raymond. info in their blog is gonna be brief because there are gonna be stories/plots( along with Lexie and Will ) in which you will learn from them in the future, so you’re gonna have watch for yourselves/ bring in some asks. 

While you wait for more, here’s a pic of The Kirkstone Brothers! lastly, if there’s anyone who want once-ler dad!Therd, those rps will be private and alternate.  Hope you’re gonna like the improvements in these characters’ bio and enjoy your stay in this blog!~ ))