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@kurpie said: I like the art and back stories but she loves her brother especially more because he prefers dick? What?

..omg that is not what it means, she loves her brother especially more for his sexuality because of how unaccepted third sex are, and she can be very overprotective. yeeeah I better write this down on the bio before someone else gets it mixed up sorry ‘bout that .__.;;;

Its okay! I didn’t mean anything mean by that but I would think supportive would be a better word than “especially love” someone for their sexual preference. I think being gay is rather accepting now n days know since celebrities and basketball ball players coming out with crowds clapping and cheering, plus the gay people I work with at my job everyone there loves because their personality is hype but that’s just my perspectiv. My point is, you can be supportive but not love someone extra, you know? I wouldn’t love my brother more if he was gay, id just love him the same as ever and treat him the same. You see what I mean? It is my opinion though, it just could be perceived wrong. Again, I don’t mean anything bad, I really enjoyed both of your characters back stories. ^.^

Ooooh! .O.

I see what you mean. and true, society is getting pretty better with acceptance, it’s a start perhaps. thanks for your sharing~ ^3^ 

@kurpie said: I like the art and back stories but she loves her brother especially more because he prefers dick? What?

..omg that is not what it means, she loves her brother especially more for his sexuality because of how unaccepted third sex are, and she can be very overprotective. yeeeah I better write this down on the bio before someone else gets it mixed up sorry ‘bout that .__.;;;

Here are the other OCs who are gonna be in my Dark Elf comic :3

Ok some info:

Name: Cassandra Erinne Marquez (“like to be known as “Cass”) 

Age: 20 yrs. old

Height: 5’3”

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Nationality: Fhilipino

Skin color: buff

Eye color: black rims around the eye pupils,and Dark ash grey

Hair Color: black

Position: College student,boxer,and guitarist in school

Personality: Cass is a badass girl.She would knock out anyone who tries to get in her way.She’s very optimistic,caring and encourages others,especially kids.

Everytime she gets angry she usually goes to the gymnasiam,boxes on a punching bag to release it.She loves her brother Aldrich, She accepts for everything he is ( supportive for his sexuality because of how unaccepted third sex are ) and she can be very overprotective..Cass is a big fan of rock music,mostly for Guns ‘n’ Roses,She plays in a band as a guitarist.She always has her eyes cultural things,mostly legends form the Philippines her home country,Also mythology.

Abilities/Strengths: She’s the most expert at kickboxing in school,and in guitar,She’s also good at climbing,she knows how to make lines to shut her bullies up,she has a lot of guy friends,most of them come to her for advice of love and family issues,she’s a proud single.

Weaknesses: Guys keep going after her,Scared of Reptiles,insects mostly cockroaches and bees,and rats, Not good at swimming at all,so she’s scared of water, she has pretty low grades in her class,mostly math and science.

Likes: Animals (mostly dogs),eating,sleeping,likes making friends with guys,rock,pop,rap,R n B and jazz, music,kids,History,Mythology,Culture,her Brother Aldrich,chatting online,Comedy movies/series,computer and playing video games (her favorites,Gears or War,Left 4 Dead,Call Duty).

Dislikes: Rats,Girly girls,Queen Bees(like popular bitch girls and gossipers),having to deal with people who mess with her,Her parents always thinking about money,War,rain,and Winter.


Name: Aldrich Mattheus Marquez

Age: 21 yrs. old

Height: 5’6”

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Nationality: Fhilipino

Skin color: Tan

Eye color: black rims around the eye pupils,and Dark brown 

Hair Color: very dark brown

Position: College student,Interior and fashion designer in school

Personality: Aldrich is a very energetic and kinda flirty,He is a very fashionable person,caring,optimistic,and loves kids.He is a very good cook,and baker.,he cooks italian food for his family,and also bakes desserts mostly muffins and small cakes.Even so Aldrich is gay,He is very open about it,he doesn’t give a damn what people think about him,and he’s very open-minded,honest and trustworthy.His parents loved him very much since how successful he is,He’s happy to hear that,but not very jumpy about it,Their parents love Aldrich more than Cass,Aldrich loves his sister way more than anything else in the world,and he would do anything to help her.Aldrich is a patient person,it’s not that easy to break him.

Abilities: He cooks,He’s very good at swimming,very good with kids,the most popular fashion designer in his school,very good in science,can’t get him angry.

Weakness: very scared of heights,not good at climbing,his clothes getting dirty,seeing messy places that he couldn’t help but clean it up,horror movies,kids getting hurt,seeing Cass feeling down.

Likes: cooking for his family,eating,Designing,Art crafts,Jazz,Pop,R n B,Techno (Lady Gaga,Katy Perry and Owl City are is very favorite,and others),shopping,converse,soft,tiny things,snuggies,Summer,Reading,volunteering,styling his clothes, Cass,his parents,Family bonding,Spring,Summer,Winter chatting online and animals.

Dislikes: Insects,reptiles,rain,dirt,crowded places, misplacing stuff,Racism,Kids turning into rebels,heights,roller coasters,skydiving,Queen bees,show-offs,his hair being all messy.

Anything I need to improve,do tell me X3

Ok Enjoy!~

Cassandra, Aldrich (C)mine

I’ve been thinking making somethin’ original,why not an Elf?

Well,I’ve been interested in Fairies,Elves,all that mythlogy and legends :3

Soon,I’m gonna making a comic about him,and two other OCs I’m putting up.It’s Gonna Be AWESOME!I don’t know what title is it gonna be,maybe if you guys can help me?Too much to do *3*,I’m gonna have to focus on my Two HUGE Comics,I have to put my RS ideas a side first,BUT That doesn’t mean I’ll stop drawing RS ( I Love it)I just need to keep my focus on these comics,Hope you undetstand c:> :heart:

Okay!Now For some info!:

Name: Nefahrin Heath Esekiang

Age: 127 yrs old (27 in human yrs)

Gender: Male

Height: 5’9”

Species: Dark Elf

Skin Color: Reddish brown(like burn skin,maybe)

Eye Color: Maybe Left eye—yellow and right eye—red

Hair color: Unknown..(Need some help! T-T) 

Position: Dark Elf of Fire,Mechanic,Healing,And a Student at his Home planet

Personality: Nefahrin is not like other dark elves in his Planet,You know,Evil,want to take over the world.He’s tough,all badass like a Dark Elf,But kind,gentle and usually curious about anything new he sees.For Elf Kids,They’ve very fast learners,they’ve got the knowledge of mostly Different types of Science,Magic,Nature,Language.

Nefahrin has a 5 times better brain than the rest of the Dark Elves,Most of the elves in his planet think of Revenge,Hatred,Depression,and They’re more than dark.Nefahrin has a very fresh mind usually,He’s pretty optimistic,encouraging and enthusiastic at times mostly.He has always hated his planet,no matter how many times he tries to make changes in it,All the Dark elves just don’t listen to him,laugh at him,and hated him,but that doesn’t mean he just gives up on hope and faith.

Abilities: Well his main magic is fire(Fire color probably darkish green or cyan)and he learnt a lot of other magics like Ice,Water,Nature,Call of the Elf God of Fire,and Wind (including repairing,healing and combst surrounding attacks in his necklace),He has very good eye sight,good sense of hearing (could hear a pin drop…idk |D; random),can jump really high from on place to another,climbing and swimming,can breath underwater for a few hours)

Weakness: He’s quite scared of heights,his eyes are quite sensitive,if very bright light shines on his eyes too much,it’ll hurt quite a lot,He could read minds quite abit,if he starts to hear bad thoughts in people’s mind,he starts to lose it,simply saying that he could get angry easily.

Likes: Magic,Searching new things,Building,Tree houses,Nature,Food,Helping others out,Making changes,Kids,Books,swimming,poetry,drawing (usually an interior designing),and Chemistry Science.

Dislikes: His home planet,his parents,People who are full of hate,war,violence,being picked on,the fact that he’s always alone everyday in his home planet,having no friends for too many years,kids in pain and being treated badly, and Child labour (happen ALL the time in his planet,and pretty all over the world….hate it .__.)

If there’s anything I should improve,do tell me!

I’ll be happy to put in some improvement <3

sketchyburgerking whispered: Aghh remembering how I role-played back then gives me the heebie-geebies ;w; I'm doing great! I never thought I'd stumble upon your main blog tho! See you still have that cute art style I love~



same here~ C:

Never thought I’d stumble into you again ldjgkfdgjk, and heh thanks ^^

Anything much going on in life lately?

welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll i’m in year 11 now and a lot of shit is happenin like responsibilities, job-hunting, trying to sell art, people noticing my art @ schoooollll….money probs in my bank account bc once I have money on my hands I use it for sushiii….

I think thats about it. Anything for you?

ah I see, seems to be a lot but I’m sure you’ll get through it! .v. and me? nothing that much really, trying to cope up with school while doing some artwork, and doing concepts on comics I may be doing soon. <:

I’ve not been the social networking world as much as I do before since well I need to take care of myself more, and I’ve met awesome peeps along my way in the real world, showing as much love as I can like I do here with my net friends.

pretty much~ .v.

abandoned-freakshow whispered: Awesome artwork!

thank you! ,v, <333




He did it. He actually managed to describe how it feels to live with depression and suicidal tendencies.

this is really, really important

This reminds me of what I was discussing yesterday about needing bad with the good in relationships

askgerund whispered: His arms hug her back. Naturally, the closer she became with the hug, the colder the air grew. His whole body, as loving and tender as the hug was, radiates winter's frost. Still, he leans down and gives her a little kiss on the forehead. "How are you today, little Murielle?"

I shiver into the cold embrace, but would take it greatly any way. I tilt my head at him with one of my ears twitching a little bit, “I am doing real good Uncle Gerund! How ‘bout you?”

mike-wazowski-the-third whispered: Noice, the sixth photo in the Brandem Summers post you did is my country. Anyway, thats a really lovely photoset. People are going slow, but they are accepting more and more the diferences. I hope to see the day when everyone sees people as just people.

mhm! <3333 the photoset is really touching.

karkata-vantas whispered: -holds- Hello, Linds.~ <3

How is you fwend? .v.